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Midlands Branch Indoor Contest

1st Grade 4 Mini Bands (March Selection)

1st Grade 4 Mini Bands (MSR)

1st Grade 3 Mini Bands (Medley)

2nd & 3rd Grade 4 Trios (March Selection)

North West Branch Indoor Contest

1st Grade 4 Quartets (March Selection)

1st Grade 4 Quartets (MSR)

1st Grade 3 Quartets (Medley)

Corby Highland Gathering

1st Grade 4 (March Selection)

1st Grade 4 Drumming

1st Grade 4 (MSR)

2nd Grade 3 (Medley)

Cowal Championships

1st Grade 4 (MSR)

2nd Grade 4 (March Selection)

4th Grade 3 (Medley)

Overall Summary

The results say it all:

14 Events:-

9 - 1st Places

3 - 2nd Places

1 - 3rd Place

1 - 4th Place

plus a 1st Place in Drumming

Not a bad season at all.

The numbers themselves of course can be misleading but the Cowal result gives a clear indication of where we are as a band.

Our performances and particularly our sound has strengthened as the season has progressed and become more consistent.

With that consistency has come the opportunity to spend more time on technique and expression (and less time on 'hunting' tone) and it's something that we'll be spending more time on over the coming closed season in readiness, hopefully, for another great year next year.