Summary on North West Branch website

Another superb set of results

Quartets Grade 4 March Selection (1st)

Sound was good straight out of the boxes and, once again, it looked as if it was going to be pretty easy to get the sound we know we can get. We're certainly getting much more consistency into our pipe sound this season.

There wasn't quite the cleanliness on the top hands - but the rest of the sound was robust and sweet.

For some reason there was a lot of nerves around in this event and although both the sound and playing was good there were a couple of little finger slips which disappointed us all.

Quartets Grade 4 March, Strathspey, Reel (1st)

We don't like this event but on we went and after the marches (which were reasonably well played), the strathspeys and reels seemed to be much more comfortable and flowed quite well.

Again a little finger slip happened.

Quartets Grade 3 Medley Selection (1st)

After the nerves from the previous events, this was the one that we were looking forward to.

Good start, good tone (apart from the 'mucky' High A's and D's not as well matched as they should have been), quickly settled and confidently played.

Very pleased with this performance.


Complementary comments on the judges sheets and also some very complementary statements from the drumming judge after the contest - reckons we're sounding more like a Grade 3B band than Grade 4 - very impressed with our performances!

Well done everyone