2nd Piping : 2nd Drumming : Best Bass Drummer

1 Wolverhampton

University of Bedfordshire

Greater Manchester
4 RAF Waddington
5 Nottinghamshire Police
6 City of Liverpool
7 Essex Caledonia
8 Standard Triumph
9 Oldham Scottish
10 Scots Guards Association (Manchester)
11 Grampian Corby
12 Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force
13 West Midlands Fire Service

This was the piping performance I've been waiting for for years!

Chanter sound was bright and tight, good steady drone sound, good start, good tempo, no mistakes and lots of expression coming from the piping corp (all comments which were duly echoed by the judging sheets)

The only aspect that let us down was not getting a crisp, clean finish (again commented on by the judge)

If we hadn't won this one we'd have real problems because, other than the lack of a clean cut-off, I don't know what we could have done better

(although as we were only 2nd in piping there's clearly something to improve on!)


5th Piping : 4th Drumming

1 Pride of Murray
2 West Midlands Police
3 RAF Waddington
4 Greater Manchester
5 Wolverhampton
6 University of Bedfordshire
7 Standard Triumph
8 Nottinghamshire Police
9 Scots Guards Association (Manchester)
10 Essex Caledonia
11 Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force

The playing in the tuning park before the grade 3 was excellent - far tighter than we've achieved at any time in the past

Unfortunately, although the tone held up, we didn't repeat the performance in the arena. Too many mistakes and loose fingering in the jig which was disappointing.

However, not a totally unexpected result bearing in mind the quality of the other bands we were up against in the contest and certainly a lot of positives to take away and build on.