Yet another extremely disappointing result at a Major Championship.

Despite a very nice sound in the tuning park, we just didn't work hard enough to keep it during the final preparation in the tuning ring prior to entering the arena.

The sweet sound from earlier in the day drifted away and the chanters were nowhere near as well matched when we entered the arena.

The major comments from the judges though concerned the tempos we played the Strathspey and Reel at (they seemed happy with the tempo of the Marches)

There's a links to a video of the band in the competition arena on the Images section of the website

Summary on RSPBA website

As last year, we used a coach to travel to/from Annan.

The trip up was fine and saw us arrive at the venue not long after 8.00am (in plenty of time to prepare)

Again, we left early due to drivers hours regulations and were on the road shortly after 5pm - all looking forward to an early return to the Midlands

However once we got to Preston there was clearly something wrong - drivers fuel card wasn't accepted at the service station, no key onboard the coach for the fuel filler cap and then the drivers broke the ignition key in the fuel cap trying to unlock it!

An extended break took place at the services while the coach company organised an alternative coach to allow us to continue our journey

Needless to say, we're in discussion with the original coach company now for compensation!