An extremely disappointing result.

Work during the tuning up had been extremely promising with a nice sweet tone being developed, duly commented on by a number of parties.

However, once into the competition arena things didn't go to plan.

We didn't manage to hold the tempo down to where we wanted it and that led to lack of expression, finger slips and some poor blowing causing intonation problems (a poor C was particularly evident early in the performance)

Links to videos are available on the Images section of the website

We'll just have to wait to see if the judges sheets agree with this interpretation

Summary on RSPBA website

On a brighter note, the use of a coach certainly seemed to be a popular decision with the band members - just a shame that due to drivers hours we weren't able to stay for the massed bands, but at least it meant we got back home at a reasonable hour.

Congratulations go to Craig for his first full band competition in the pipe corps without incident - well done!