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Midlands Branch Indoor Contest

1st Grade IV

1st Grade III
English Mini-Band Championships

2nd & 3rd Grade IV

7th Grade III
Banbury Highland Gathering
8th Grade IV
8th Grade III
Birmingham Highland Gathering
4th Grade IV
7th Grade III
Corby Highland Gathering
7th Grade IV
Grade III - Scratched
Ashbourne Highland Gathering
5th Grade IV
13th Grade III
Cowal Championships
16th Grade 4A

Well that's the end of one of the worst seasons the band have experienced for a long, long time.

Everything seemed to go against us in the piping corps after the English Mini-bands (reed problems, humidity, temperature (cold!!), you name it - it happened)

We managed to get it sorted about a week before we went to Cowal but the new reeds just hadn't settled on pitch or stability so we got what we deserved!

We're now getting the sound back and already looking forward to a better season next year so we can put this one behind us as soon as possible.